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Can I sue a person for slandering my name, harassing, and stalking me in and outside of the work place.

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One of my previous co- workers from 2008 , has slandered my name and my husbands name, harassed, and stalked me ,at home, and in the workplace, she has cost me to lose 3 jobs, LOSS OF INCOME, making my peaceful life , miserable.

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More details are needed, but if someone has made false statements about you, that have caused real harm -- and they aren't just statements of "opinion" -- then you might have a good defamation claim. You should talk to an attorney in more detail. I've handled defamation cases in Texas; feel free to contact me.


Depending upon the precise facts and assuming that you have sustained actual damages, you might have a defamation case. You need to speak with a Texas attorney about the facts and about the stalking issue. There are probably remedies, in addition to a defamation suit, for dealing the with stalking problem.

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More specific facts are needed with regard to your damages to determine if its worth bringing a claim. Damages are the key to bringing defamation actions in that they must outweigh the cost of bringing the claim for it to be worth your while.

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A local defamation lawyer in your state can certainly investigate.


Defamation cases are complex cases and highly dependent on the particular facts of your case. The statements that cost you several jobs would have to be false statements of fact, rather than disagreeable opinions. It would depend upon how the statements caused the loss of jobs and income. Based on the facts provided, I would encourage you to at least discuss your case with one of us local attorneys who practice employment and defamation law.