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Can I sue a nail salon for intentional excessive pressure which resulted in cuts and bleeding on 3 nail beds?

Long Beach, CA |

While getting a pedicure and manicure this afternoon, the "manicurist" wasn't removing my cuticles which I politely brought to her attention. She claimed to have already removed them,continued pretending to cut my cuticles then asked me to check again. I took the nippers and cut the cuticles myself, which offended her and she walked away. After being informed of the issue, the owner decided to take over. She sat down, picked up the metal scraper which loosens cuticles from the nail bed and quickly scraped my left pinky,ring and middle fingers so hard I instintively pulled my hand away from the burning pain as my nail beds began bleeding at the sides. I told her to forget the manicure and she said 'sorry' insincerely. My nail beds are cut;sore. I'm livid & afraid of potential infection.

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Here's the deal: unless you have actual medical treatment both due to the extent of the injury, but also to document the fact of the damages, it is very unlikely that you have a claim that an attorney would take. You had a callous by the "manicurist" and owner. But, a bad day in the salon does not rise to the level of a legally compensible injury.

Some time ago a very bright and aggressive legal assistant in my office had "a bad day" in the salon and I gave her that advice. She accepted the advice but then pursued the matter herself in small claims court where the rules of evidence are not as stringent. She won a modest amount.

That's my aswer/ See my link below on "CAN I SUE?"

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All well noted. Thank you for legal insight and clarification, much appreciated!


One additional thought, if you allege it is intentional, it would not be covered under the salon's insurance. If you allege negligence, it probably is covered, assuming the salon has insurance.

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All well noted. I appreciate the clarification. Thank you both very much!


This is a terrible experience and shocking that a business open to the public would treat its customers in such a way.

You should first seek appropriate medical attention before doing anything else.

If you want to sue the nail salon, you will have to add up your damages and determine the amount at stake is worth your time and effort. You can meet with an experienced personal injury attorney in your area to help you answer these and other questions.

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Get the medical attention you require, and call some local personal injury attorneys to see if you can get representation.

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