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CAn I sue a municipal, county, and state as well as the department of assigned counsel and possibly a non-commisioned 911 agency

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also officers and others for- I was protected by an order they failed to sevre it 3times whenthey had girl in custody. a mandated arrest was in order they did not arrest. I hadmy property tresspassedand furniture money ect stolen by her. girl days prior falsely claimed rape and imprisonment on another man escaped police custody while they were trying to do a rape kit. she was on a felony warrant for theft & forgery they didnt arrest. individaul made false report to police for dv of an alleged crime spree that know one corraborated middle of day hundreds of people outside cameras kids yet nothing to corarate. then she said she was 5 months pregnant the fetistdisappeared said she was callin 911 911 didnt work i gotarrested at 3rd party home no warrant no consent i went pro se itwas dismisse

all that ijust statedplusmore was known to initial officers the otheragency didnotknowandhadknowreport thenhadconflictingreportsprovided by 911 the jail hadmein custody for alomst a year on charges at the max sentencing guide line range,i could have onlydid 90 days if convicted. my own defense attorneys failed to investigate get evidence and witnesses and was talking with prosecutor fired themselves no probono for me the just another DAC attorney who yelled threatend me to sign deals didnt get edvidence losted a car that was evidence some how then to topit off had been repesenting girlinanother case & didnt want to disclose to thecourt. then threatened multipletimes because i couldnt get out a locked booth in the court then sent me to western state trying to say i'm crazy conflited intrest this is just the beginng i have much much more.... Thank God I made it through my name and record is clear what can i do??? all for an alleged gross misdermeanor...

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Dear ?,

You seem to be saying the case was dismissed. You could sue for mailicious prosecution if you can show there was no probable cause for your arrest or for the filing of the complaint. However, usually the report by a citizen witness of a crime is sufficient for probable cause. You might want to see a good torts lawyer in your state. You can probably find one right here on Avvo.

Yours sincerely,
Tim Provis
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You'd have to cough up a LOT of money to pursue you claim. Likely in advance.

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