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Can I sue a local bus company for breaking federal regulations by forcing my family off b/c the driver changed the route?

Myrtle Beach, SC |

My girlfriend, our son (11mths old) and myself were forced off the local bus 2 blocks earlier than where we had intended to get off (and told the driver we were getting off at). At the time we told him, he made no objection stating the route had changed or other. In fact, the route hadn't changed but for some reason the driver decided to turn 2 blocks earlier than the route says, and he forced us off; thereby having to walk an additional 2 blocks, with no sidewalk. When if he had stuck to the route, we would have gotten off at the corner we expected with a sidewalk for safe walking. Not to mention he could clearly see that our baby was sleeping. We called right away and filed a complaint, only to have no reply form the bus company. Is the co. liable for improper training or other?

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This isn't worth a lawsuit. I am certain it was very inconvenient walking an extra 2 blocks with a sleeping baby, but it just doesn't add up to a lawsuit.

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