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Can I sue a law firm for filing the wrong paperwork?

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I asked a law firm to file appeal papers from the courts on an Injunction Against Harrassment that was wrongfully put on me. They told me $1000 to file but, on their recommendation, they would file a "Motion To Reconsider" instead. After the appeal time limit had run out, I received a letter from the courts stating that "The Rules Don't Apply To IAH", meaning the "Motion to Reconsider" wasn't what was needed to be filed. I went back to the lawyer group who stated that the original agreement was $1000 for the appeal and $1000 for the "Motion to Reconsider", which is absolutely incorrect. They have "concluded" their business with me and I feel that they "took me" for $1000. Can I sue them?

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You may be able to arbitrate for that amount. Check with your local bar association. Its generally faster. If not you can always sue in small claims. Based on the facts provided, success is not assured.

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The State Bar of Arizona has a fee arbitration service that is free of charge . You should consider going that route first.

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