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Can I sue a hotel for my full refund and for not switching my room making my family and myself uncomfortable?

Daytona Beach, FL |

The hotel room that we stayed in had roaches. We took pictures of dead roaches in the refrigerator and window. We contacted the front desk, but did not tell them about the photos, but insisted on being moved to another room because there was roaches. They informed us management was not available, apologized and said they would give our complaint to the manager the next day. Management did contact us and refunded us only $22.50 because they said pest control said there was no roaches. I told the manager we have photos, and deserved a full refund, and she said she was sorry , I could send her the pictures, but that's all they could do. I feel like they did not take me serious, it really is not about the money, but then again it is because we were not happy. Is there anything that can be done

Also we took a video of a live roach coming out of the kitchen electrical socket.

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It really all depends on the occupancy agreement you signed and whether you waived or limited any of your rights to recover by signing the agreement. Further, you always have to ask yourself what specifically are your damages? If the room cost you 100 bucks and you were already refunded 25% of that amount, without further damages to yourself, family, etc., you have to wonder what the final result of suing would be. It may cause you more harm and annoyance to attempt to sue to redress any of the harm caused. If this is a hotel chain you may be able to contact corporate or send them a letter describing your experience in detail, most likely they will want to make amends with you to protect their reputation. Good luck.

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Financially?....not likely. If its about the principal and you want to hire a lawyer to address it, there are many things that can be done depending on how important it is to you. In the mean time, there are better sources of resolving this or doing something principled like writing bad reviews on review sites, using social media to bring it other consumers attention, etc.

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