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Can I sue a hospital for medical coverage (or period) if they send me home and I have my child at home two hours later?

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I was sent home from my hospital after a nurse noted that I was six weeks early, but later checked me and said " Oh my God! Her water bag is paper thin." My contractions were 2-3 minutes apart when I first came in. They gave me three shots which slowed my contracttions down to 30 min. apart. When I was discharged, they gave me a pill to take once I got home), but my contractions were coming back faster. Two hours later my son was born at home. My work insurance will not cover the delivery because he was born at home, however the hospital is charging me for "delivery services."

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I suggest you contact a medical malpractice attorney in your area ASAP. Your information suggests that you were discharged in active labor, which is a violation of federal law. The statute is known as "emtala" in legal circles, so make sure the attorney you get is familiar with this law. If you can't get a lawyer to assist you because of low damages then file a written complaint at with all the details ans ask them to investigate an emtala violation for sending you home in active labor. The hospital will want to make you happy as part of resolving that complaint. Good luck to you and your new baby.

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Are both you and your child okay? If so, then your question is a billing one. I would contact the insurance company or both the hospital risk manager and the billing office if you are not insured.


You may have a claim and a lot will depend upon whether you or your baby suffered any damages. You may also have been the victim of patient dumping in violation of EMTALA.

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Have a local attorney negotiate down the bill.

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