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Can i sue a hospital for letting my medical records get stolen

Los Angeles, CA |
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In any lawsuit, the first question is going to be: How were you damaged? What harm did you suffer from the theft of your medical records?

The next question will be liability. Who is responsible? How did the hospital "let" your records get stolen? If they took reasonable safeguards to protect the records, a criminal act of theft is beyond their control and they are not responsible.

You didn't supply a whole lot of information, but it sounds like you've got a very steep uphill battle to be in a good position to file a lawsuit.



my medical records were stolen from an employee at my primary doctors office and given to a murderer/drug dealer at the time of his arrest he used my identity and said i was him with my medical records, name, birth date, social, address, bloodwork, medical records and medical notes. i have a case number with a detective, a fraud report and a letter of apology from my doctors office


I agree with Mr. Dane, you would need to show that you were harmed in some fashion or another.

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In the past few years, certain laws and regulations were passed to protect privacy of health records. These include the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ("HIPAA"), and the California Medical Information Act. The standards of care under these rules vary, some aimed at knowing disclosure of information and others at negligent disclosures. They provide for civil and criminal penalties. You should consult your own attorney to preserve your rights.