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Can I sue a doctor for telling social security that I do not have Cerebral Palsy when I in fact do? It caused my ss lawyer to dr

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I had ss from 0 to age 19. I was diagnosed with mental retardation, statutory blindness and Cerebral Palsy and am now having trouble getting social security because one of my old doctors sent the social security office paperwork saying that I don't have cerebral palsy. I contacted his office to ask about it and the records department said they never treated me for CP, just a motor vehicle accident. I told her that they should have said just that but now I have to find a new lawyer and appeal my ss case because their documentation says that this doctor's information was used to decide my denial. Can I sue him?

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Have you seen the actual records the doctor in question submitted? It sounds to me you are dealing with multiple medical issues that could still significantly interfere with your ability or capacity to sustain employment. As to your disability case, consult with an SSDI attorney right away to determine the merits of your case and appeal as soon as possible. As to suing the doctor, you need to be best informed on what was actually submitted to SSA. Your success in a lawsuit, regardless of what it may be, will revolve around your ability to establish a cause of action and damages flowing from such action. My best to you.

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