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Can I sue a company I worked for, for falsely accusing me of theft after I was proven Not Guilty by a jury?

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

Accused of theft by a supervisor who 5 months later was arrested for theft of a laptop found in his house. Unionized company who after refusing to return me to work, found out about the supervisor and now want me to return to work asap. Was also fired for not showing up to work after my arrest while I was in jail even though I should have been fired for the theft by company policy.

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As an at will employee, your employer can terminate you for no reason, a good or bad reason, fair or unfair reason, factually correct or incorrect reason. Your protections are under laws of discrimination, and a variety of other statutes. Your facts would not likely support a claim against the employer if it believed the supervisor who accused you of theft; even if the claim was wrong. Its nice that they are asking you to return to work; many do not even go that far. As for being fired while in jail, there is no law against it. As for the supervisor, you may have a claim against him for defamation, etc.