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Can I sue a clinic for sending a not billing invoice to collection...?

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

The clinic that I always use for medical purposes here in Florida sent me to collection when according with my insurance company they shouldn't be billing me because I owe them zero. My insurance company informed me that the reason they haven't paid to the clinic is because the clinic have failed to provide information requested to support its claim.

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No, you aren't allowed to sue a creditor for turning you over to collection. If you dispute owing the debt, the law requires you to file a dispute with the credit bureau to ask that this matter be removed. Hope this perspective helps!


Send a letter by certifi4ed mail to the collection company asking for verification of the debt ( see for sample letter) and explain to them that you do not owe debt and to contact your insurane company for reasons stated to you from insurance company. You may also want to do a cease and desist letter, also on web site. If they continue to contact you, see me or a consumer lawyer.


I agree with my colleagues. Send a certified letterrequesting a verification of the debt. Contest the debt with the credit bureaus this debt was reported to.

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