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Can I sue a business that lies to family court and makes a false W2?

Freehold, NJ |

My ex brother in law, owns a business and made my ex husbands w2 lesser than it probably is. I know this because they put the wrong address with the wrong city and put EIN's that are too long. They also lied to probation when asked if he works there and stated he didnt, yet he got a tax refund check that was given to me. It is ironic because first he had no hours to know job and not he has a refund check from a business that said they didnt employ him? Can I sue the business? How and where? In civil or family law? His brother is trying to help him avoid supporting the kids, can i sue the brother name along with the company?

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For you personally to sue would be saying YOU have been wronged. From the facts, that doesn't seem to be the case. However, you can certainly report the wrong doing to the appropriate authorities, especially where criminal activity has occurred. See Avvo.Com under Find-A-Lawyer. Good Luck!



But I think I am wronged because, they attempted to lie for my ex husband. They are the ones that created the false W2, so he can prove he is not making the correct money, I am not able to sue the business for fraud or acting as an accomplice?

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