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Can I sue a business for false advertisement

Trussville, AL |

My car was Impounded today at 2:45 pm and I was told to get my car out with no extra fees I would have to be back at the towing company before 12:15am and I arrived at the towing business at 10:14pm and I call the towing business phone number and the lady answer the phone told me it was nothing she can do because the work was out on a route

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I don't see "false advertising" here; I don't see advertising at all. Hopefully, you'll be able to get your car back today.

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There is no advertising. If your car was wrongly impounded, you may have a remedy, but you don't say why it was impounded. You should speak with a local lawyer to discuss the ins and outs - good luck with your car.

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I don't see this as an advertising issue either. If you were provided written terms under which to claim your vehicle and the towing company varied from those terms, you may have an action. More information is required to determine what, if any, action is appropriate. Good luck with your matter, however.

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