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Can I sue, is it worth it?

Baltimore, MD |

First I work at a Franchise 7-11. I have a MAC apple laptop computer. I came into the store when I was not working because I was passing by, and ending up helping the guy who was working out a bit, because there was a large delivery. However I noticed that 2Hrs later my laptop was gone. The guy who was working claimed that some "BLACK' guys stole it because I left it somewhere I really didn't remember leaving it. anyway I came to the store the next day and asked the owner if I could review the tapes and he kept on making excuses. Even tho he had allowed me to not only review the tapes many times before for lesser reasons such as a theft of a slurpe flask by some douche( worth ($5.00) but he also allowed me to use the computer to download music for his phone. Anyways I smelt a rat.

And I informed him and the guy who was working that I would be filing a police report, and the would obviously want to look at the cameras. Actually he told me to return to the store the next day that he( the owner would personally look at the camera) I guess he realized that he couldn't erase the tapes because they stay there for a week. Anyways the camera I am sure has the other guy stealing my laptop and hiding it away and probably has the owner conspiring with him to fraud me. The thing is I came in today and then the owner told me that his cousin came into the store and took the laptop and kept it thinking it was his own, and but that the other guy has it. Problem is that his cousin lives in like far away Montgomery county and the other guy lives in Baltimore city, except they just became roomates in the past three days something is wrong. anyway I haven't told the police anything yet what should I or can I do. Should I just take my MAC and call it quits or should I take it futher? Thanks

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First, get your computer back into your hands.

Then decide if it is worth the time and effort to pursue it criminally.

Last decide if you can find a better job with more trustworthy coworkers and bosses.

Every legal matter is fact specific, and there are often nuances in every case. This is intended for comment only, and does not create an attorney client relationship.


If you can get your computer back, then take it and move on with life. If you don't get it back right away, then go to small claims court and sue them all. And go to the commisioner and swear out criminal complaints against all of them. Let the court sort it out later.

Lawrence Roger Holzman

Lawrence Roger Holzman


OH -- I totally agree with aaron too -- first get your computer back if you can -- if you can't then unleash the process.

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