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Can I sue a biopsy place for misdiagnosis of cancer which lead to me losing my thyroid for no reason?

Crossville, TN |

I had a lump in my thyroid and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, the doctor was telling me that i needed to take the whole thing out not to take any chances. I ended up having the whole thyroid removed and now the pathologist says the lump was not malignant. Can I sue them for that?

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Consult with a local attorney who handles malpractice cases and who can have the appropriate specialist answer whether there was negligence. You can find a highly-rated atty here on Avvo.



does this mean there is a chance or it is different everywhere?


Not necessarily.There may have been other reasons to remove your thyroid. Getting a good med mal lawyer in your area will help you get a better understanding of your rights and options by reviewing the records and consulting with experts. So, use the find a lawyer tab and I wish you the best.



I know the doctor did his best to treat cancer, but the place that did the biopsy was the one that he based his way of treatment on. They messed it up and I just want to know if there is a chance for me to sue the biopsy place, you think?


A med mal lawyer would need to get all the records and send them to an expert to review to ascertain whether there was a breach of the standard of care.

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