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Can I sue?

Altamonte Springs, FL |

buy some Goya frozen plantain at Walmart a week ago. Tonight 6/24/13 fixing dinner I cook the first half of the plastic bag plantains, when pouring the second half, a cockroach jump first.

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Not successfully you can't.

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You would have a big problem proving damages. You would also have a problem proving that Walmart caused the roach to be there.

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In order to have a viable claim here, you would have to prove that Walmart was at fault for the roach being there (or some other entity). This will be nearly impossible to do.

Even if you were to overcome this burden, you would still, in order to collect anything, prove your damages, which, from the facts you set forth, are non-existent.


What permanent injury or damage did you suffer?


You would need to prove that the roach was there before you purchased. Secondly, if no one ingested the tainted food, there would be no cause of action for personal injury.

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So you had frozen plantains, and a live cockroach jumped out of the bag? No, don't think you will be very successful on that one.


I knew cockroaches were tough but I didn't know they could be freeze dried and come back to life. Did it survive the boiling water too? Maybe if it attacked you, you could make a claim, but if there is no damage, live and let live.


No damages, no lawsuit. Take your receipt and get your money back.

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