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Can i stop the IRS from taking my taxes?

Dayton, OH |

The IRS is trying to take my taxes to pay a dept i owe to a school loan. I have set up a payment plan with the collection agency so can they still do this?

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You can not mess around with the IRS without getting the short end of the stick every time. Tax Law cases are very unusual and the law and regulations rather bizarre to anyone who doesn’t deal regularly with IRS regulations. And how it is treated often depends on the attitude of the agent on your file and the way they approach particular case. Perhaps no other area of law is so peculiarly as this is. Because of that, you really should talk to a local attorney to find out what your rights are, what the law says, and what you can and can not do in your situation. This is also the one area of law where a decision made today can have very long-term consequences so it is important that you make the right decision. You need to talk to a local Tax Law attorney who deals with the IRS in your area on a regular basis. You can search the Avvo website or call the attorney's Dayton Bar Association and ask for a referral to a Tax Law attorney near you. But act quickly because for every legal right you have, there is only a limited amount of time to take action in court or your rights expire, so don't waste your time getting to a Tax Law attorney and finding out what your rights are. If this answer was helpful, please give a “Vote UP” review below. And be sure to indicate the best answer to your question so we can all be sure we are being helpful. Thanks for asking and Good Luck. Ron Burdge,

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