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Can I stop pay child support at 18 my wife did not enroll my daughter in all her senior year .

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and there is "none" for 3.14 post secondary education support..........i was going to call the becka bill on her for not enrolling my 17 year old ,her senior year started sept.of 2011.....then to finally enroll her in june of 2012 is ridiculous ..she is 18 September 24th and that is child support done time. She number one was " not normal or remained enrolled " and number two not in a "normal course" due to pure negligence of custodial parent I was going to call the becka bill enforcement

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You need to follow the orders of the court regarding child support. Check your documents.

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You need to play it safe and have the order actually terminated. You don't need to risk a possible contempt. Consult with counsel immediately.... but be prepared, also, for the child to suddenly wind up back in class.

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It would really benefit you to seek legal counsel. A qualified attorney will be able to review the Orders and determine whether post-secondary support may still be sought or whether child support terminated.

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