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Can I stop a neighbor from plowing snow onto my property?

Amherst, MA |

My neighbor across the street keeps plowing his snow across the street and piles it next to my driveway. He puts so much snow there that I cannot see down the street to pull out. It makes it dangerous to exit my driveway. I built a fence there and now he plows into the fence. He has not damaged the fence yet, but its only a matter of time. How can I stop him from plowing onto my property?

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Have you tried asking him, and making him aware that it blocks your view when exiting your driveway? You may want to talk to him before you take any legal action. You certainly do have rights, and you are able to take legal action to prevent this from happening, but disputing with neighbors can be very tough and can lead to bigger problems. You still have to live across the street from this person. If you speak to him, and you still don't get anywhere, then yes, you can pursue legal action. You would need to notify him (in writing, whether it be a letter or a sign posted) that it is private property and he is not allowed upon it, and then he would be considered a trespasser if he continues to plow onto your property. He can be criminally charged for trespassing and you can civilly sue for any damages that he may cause. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.


Kati Amarantes

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