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Can I still use form i-485 if my authorized stay has expired? I'm filing form I-130. I'm married to a US citizen.

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My visa expired in February 2008, can I still use the I-485, I filled it up but then I read you can not use it if your authorized stay has expired before you filed petition I-485.

I'm filing it along with a I-130 petition.


I came here with J1 VISA If so, should I send a money order for $985 and then one more for $85 for the I-485 form? or together in one (money orders are up to $1,000 so = one for $1,000 and another one for $70 ) Also, which forms do we need to file and send the first time? What supporting documentation must be sent with them? Any extra advice?

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Yes, any out of status stay would be deemed 'forgiven' for this type of immediate relative petition through a U.S. citizen spouse. It is always best to have an immigration attorney represent you in any and all immigration-related matters.

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That depends on your expired status in the USA.

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If you entered on a J-1 visa that is subject to the "2-year rule," your case becomes a little more complicated. If your spouse is a US citizen, your unauthorized presence will be forgiven. You will need additional forms in order to make your adjustment of status packet complete. I would recommend that you meet with an immigration attorney to discuss specifics.

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