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Can i still get my license in CA, even if i was marked by OR as being ineligible threw the DMV because of a underage dui?

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7 years ago when i was 17 i was arrested for a dui in OR, but never followed threw with the courts because i was just visiting from San Diego CA. now im not able to get my drivers license in CA because the DMV's are linked and OR has marked me as ineligible. please help me understand what i need to do. keep in mind i passed all the driving requirements and was issued a temporary license, but when i was waiting for the hard copy to come in the mail OR sent me a letter telling me im not ineligible.

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You must deal with DUI in Oregon. Get an attorney there to assist. Repost in Oregon.



I agree with attorney Roberts. You will have to address the underlying charge in Oregon before California (or any other state) will issue you a driver's license. Considering the lengthy delay, this will be impossible to do without the assistance of a qualified DUI defense attorney admitted to practice in Oregon. Watch for their answers to your post, and use the "Find a Lawyer" feature of this website. If possible, choose a lawyer familiar with the court where you are charged and the prosecutor's office handling your case.


As learned counsel says above, deal with the Oregon problem.


Deal with the OR case so that they release the hold. Anything other than that won't release the hold.

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You may have a warrant for your arrest in Oregon for failing to appear at your hearing. You need to find out what the current status of that case is before you do anything. I agree with the other attorney's that you need to contact a local attorney up there and have them look into it. After you deal with the case, you may still have issues with your license. In California, we have DMV Mandatory Actions Unit whom people can call when the situation is reversed to lift the hold with what's called a 1650 waiver. Oregon may have something similar that you may be able to fill out paperwork proving that you live in California with no intent to return to Oregon.


The first place you need to address this is in Oregon, not California. Contact a locally experienced criminal defense attorney in Oregon to assist in getting any warrants recalled and your case squared away up there.

Good Luck!

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