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Can i still get my license if i got a ticket for driving with out a license and a speeding ticket for going 10 miles over?

Dallas, TX |

I have 20 days to make the payments or appear in court. Is there any way where I can take a class for my driver license so my ticket can be dismiss?

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No, because you did not have a license at the time of the ticket; Some courts may cut you some slack so I'd definitely go get a license. That's a short period of time though. If you are over 25 year old, you can just go take the drivers written and road test.

You could also fight the speeding ticket by 1) resetting with the court date per the court's procedures a couple of times to try and be in court when the officer is not; and 2) you could just go to trial on it (jury) and argue the officer was wrong because his speed gun wasn't calibrated or whatever the way he caught you speeding was.


You should definitely attempt to get your license ASAP before your court date. Having a license will help alleviate that charge. You still will have to dela wit the speeding ticket. Get a traffic ticket attorney to assist you in this matter. You might need more time to get your license and they will be able to fight the ticket for you.

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