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Can I still get cited after my citation has been dismissed?

Portland, OR |

I got a speeding ticket, and when i went to court, the judge had said that the officer did not write the fine amount on the citation, and he dismissed the case. Now i am getting phone calls about needing to pay the ticket, and i received a letter showing that the officer had made an amendment to the citation before i had my court date.

Should I go to the court and show that the case had been dismissed? or can i still be required to pay the fine?

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Typically, a citation can be re-issued or amended. However, there are some limitations, such as how much time has gone by since the initial ticket was issued, and you may have a basis to have the ticket dismissed "again."


I would call the clerk's office for the Court, or if you have time, even go. Sometimes paperwork crosses & you end up with two different answers. I would concur that the citation can be reissued, but an amendment shouldn't matter if it was dismissed. The last date should control. Whatever you do, don't just ignore the calls - you must take some action.

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