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Can I still get a ticket for underage drinking or alcohol?

Houston, TX |

So I was at a party, and the cops came and busted it. Everyone was under 18 and ran when the cops arrived. I was caught in the neighborhood by some cops searching the area. She asked me where I was coming from and i told her a party. I fully cooperated. They didnt ask me if I was drinking. The cop took my license and held onto it while looking for other kids. After a little while the cop dropped me back off at the original house and made me call my parents but they left before my parents got there. Only one guy got an actual ticket of the couple people actually caught. Can I still get a ticket in the mail if they never breathalyzed me and if I was not found around alcohol.

I got my license back later after I told her my parents were coming.

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Can you? I guess. They can always charge you with anything. That doesn't mean they can prove it beyond all reasonable doubt. There's nothing in this scenario that makes it seems like they're going to be mailing you a ticket, though.


Your question is can you - yes. Under the facts you give, unlikely unless someone tells them that they saw you drinking. When you are a minor, the issue is actual possession of alcohol or signs of being under the influence. Apparently the officers did not believe either. Learn your lesson!