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Can I still drive a moped on county roads if my license is revoked from a DUI in Tennessee?

Cookeville, TN |
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If you have to be licensed to drive a moped, then you have no right to drive one if your license has been suspended. However, if no license is needed, then you get the idea.

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I am not licensed to practice in TN, but in all likelihood, the answer to this question is not terribly different than it would be in West Virginia where I practice. The answer here would be a very clear and resounding, NO! A moped is widely considered to be a motor vehicle, and while your license is suspended for a DUI, that generally means that you are completely prohibited from operating any motor vehicle, particularly on public roadways. Again depending on TN's laws, if you are caught driving a moped while under suspension, it is quite possible you will face new criminal charges related to driving on a revoked license, which charges could also lead to further license penalties on top of the current revocation.


No. If your license is revoked to drive a car or other vehicle, your license is also revoked for other motor driven vehicles such as motorcycles and mopeds. In many cases you can obtain a restricted license in Tennessee to drive to and from work and school. I recommend contacting a local attorney to discuss the options of your specific situation further.

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