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Can I still become a CNA if I have had a felony but got it reduced to a misdemeanor?

Fayetteville, AR |

It's also the first time I ever got in trouble, never had traffic violations. I was young and stupid but I paid the amount to have it lowered to a misdemeanor but I'm also still paying the last of it which includes court costs. But I'm now trying to become a CNA and I'm wondering if it will show up when they do a background check and if it'll prevent me from getting in. It was for theft on property.

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Your question is not criminal but administrative.Whether or not you would be disqualified as a CNA would depend on the guidelines established by the Arkansas Nursing Assistant Registry. You should contact them to see if your conviction is a disqualifying crime, if it is then you will want to work towards possibly having it expunged once your costs are paid and your probation is completed if that is also an issue.

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