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Can i still apply for a green card with an expired passport?

Baltimore, MD |

I was in the final phase of checking all documents that i needed to submit to the USCIS, while i was going through my documents i realized that my passport expiry date (07/01/2013) has passed. My visitor visa , which is in my expired passport is still valid. Does this mean i need to renew my passport before i can proceed with my green card application? Please shed some light on this matter, your response is kindly needed.

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You are not required to have a still valid passport to be able to obtain green card status. All is required is that you prove prior lawful admission (doesn't matter how long ago) AND that you otherwise qualify to file for a green card, either through marriage to a USC, employment or asylum grant.

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Thanks for your response, it was greatly appreciated!!


Yes, but you should renew your passport.

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Yes, you can still proceed with your green card application. However, you should attempt to have your passport renewed asap.

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