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Can I stay in temecula if the mother live in san diego, and the baby stay in temecula during my visitation? I have joint custody

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I have the 1 yr old baby and stay with her every 5 pm of thursday through 5 pm of sunday, every week, I dont have a job, but the mother has income of $2300 a month, the mother lives in Sandiego and I plan to live in temecula, Can I live in temecula with the child every friday to sunday? and also do I have to pay child support or the mother is the one who will pay child support? I have the baby friday to sunday but I wanna get another day and becomes 5pm of thursday through 5pm of sunday, because the mother work night shift 6pm of thursday through 6pm of saturday and she comes home 9am of sunday and she will sleep sunday daytime. how I can request or ask that I want to have the child every thursday to sunday 5pm? pls I need to know,thank u

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It is possible to ask the court the award support and modify the visitation schedule if the mother refuses to agree. Temecula is not too far away from the mother but you will need to agree on transportation of the child. I would start by asking the mother if she will agree that to you taking care of your child on Thur-Sun in Temecula. Later I would ask the court to award support.

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who will pay child support the mother or me? the mother has income and I dont have income, i have the baby every 5pm of friday to 5pm of sunday every week, the mother make $2300 a month,

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