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Can i start a business in USA with an F2 visa?

Pittsburgh, PA |

I plan to import clothes and handicraft items from India and sell them in USA. I am currently on F2 visa so would I be required to change my visa status? Also i plan to have a website and sell my goods as a street vendor. What kind of initial investments (in terms of fees required to get the permissions) am I looking at?

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Before I respond to your inquiry, I must state that we have not spoken, I have not reviewed the relevant documents and facts, and I do not represent you. Therefore, my discussion below is not a legal opinion, but is informational only. Finally, my discussion applies only to issues to which Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Federal law apply, unless otherwise specified.

That being said, you need to consult with an immigration attorney. You can own a business but you likely cannot work in a business without an H1-B/green card or other specialized permission, even if you own the business.

Street vendors are regulated by the city/municipality that they are in; you would have to apply for a license from the city of Pittsburgh, if that is where you are going to sell.

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NO ... not permitted on F-2.

Yes, you will be required to find a different visa.

Talk to an attorney.

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