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Can i sign over my rights if my ex wife wont let me have any contact with my children

Columbus, OH |

i have tried to get in contact with my chrildren but there mother want let then contact me. wont let them come to spend the summer with me. i have joint custody

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If, when you say: "sign over my rights" you mean that you want to abandon your relationship with your children and thereby not have to pay child support. The answer is NO!

Rather than giving up on your children - who are losing out on having a father in their lives through no fault of their own - you could fight for your right to have a relationship with them. If you have joint custody as you say, then the mother is in violation of the court order. You need to file a show cause order. She would then need to demonstrate why she should not be held in contempt of court for violating the parenting provisions of the order. Withholding parenting time would also be a consideration in changing custody or reducing her parenting time (and increasing your parenting time) with the children. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and take some action!

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thanks for the help. is this the same as visitions rights


Your situation is unfortunate, especially for the children. The short answer to your question is no. Your rights are set forth in the parenting order issued from your local court. It is up to you to exercise those rights or not to exercise them. If your ex is not following the terms of the order, then you need to seek legal counsel and have your rights enforced.

If you do not enforce your rights your children will not have their father in their lives. Please think long and hard about this matter and seek a consultation before deciding to simply not have a relationship with your children.

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