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Can i show a judge text messages from my phone in a court or do i have to print the text messages from my phone.

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What is the legal and aprropriate way to present text messages in a small claims court. Can i show a judge my phone with the text messages on it.

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Yes, in small claims court, you could just show the text messages to the judge. However, because you normally must exchange your evidence with the other side just before (on the day of) the small claims trial, it is often easier and more helpful to print out the text messages that you wish the judge to consider.

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Besides what Mr. Chen said, it depends on the purpose for which you are showing the messages to the judge. If it is at trial and either side wants to create a record for appeal, the court would keep your phone until the evidence was released. I'm certain you don't want it to do that.


I agree with both of the attorneys above and add that it is always best to print or otherwise duplicate incriminating/important text messages or emails to ensure they are not lost, stolen, deleted or "missing" when you really need to utilize them -- especially if the crux of your case/defense depends on them.

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