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Can I serve my ex with contempt orders if he moved to California

Grants Pass, OR |

My ex moved to California and has not paid alimony as ordered. I would like to file contempt charges in Oregon and have him served where he resides in California. Are the court papers enforceable from one state to another for alimony.

Just learned today that there are liens against jointly owned real property, namely the house that was ordered to be sold w/proceeds used to pay off marital debt and the remainder going to each side. The liens are for the money awards granted to me, yet I've no knowledge they were filed; my attorney did not tell me. I think his attorney told him, because he asked the realtor if there were any liens when he finally surfaced at the final hour before foreclosure and when there was an offer to buy the property. What gives with the liens? Are they a matter of course? Why was I not informed about them? I've spent hours and $$$$ pursuing him and could have waited and saved $$$ until the house sold. Now that he will see there are liens, he may not be willing at all to sign off on the sale as he will have nothing to gain from the proceeds. Any suggestions?

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You cannot serve your ex in California with an Oregon contempt order. What you can do is have your support judgment registered in California and proceed with enforcement remedies under California law. You would be able to serve him with the contempt if he ever does come to Oregon again.


I don't practice in Oregon but it seems to me that this is a service issue. Service is different than enforceablity. You will follow in the state where your orders are. Service occurs where he is. As long as he lived where the orders are, the court will likely have jurisdiction. If so, then you can serve him via process server or another acceptable means under Oregon law. You should consult a local lawyer to ensure you do that correctly.


Yes, you can still serve your ex even though he has moved to California.

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