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Can I send a naked picture of a girl in a text to someone since they sent it to me?

Ocean Springs, MS |

My boyfriend cheated on me and the girl sent him a dirty picture. Can I send the picture back to her to let her know that I know about them and it needs to end or can she press charges? Let it be known she took them herself, you can't see her face, she sent them to his e-mail address from her phone, and she was not drunk or on drugs during or after the pictures were sent and recieved. I only want to send them in a text to her from my phone so she will know its time to stop because if my boy friend is showing me the girls he cheats with then he is more than likely showing everyone else.

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You could let her know that you "know" just by telling her so.
DO NOT send any dirty pictures. That is potentially a federal as well as a state crime.
I strongly suggest that you see a local criminal defense attorney about how you handle the pictures, Thay could be consodered as evidence and your destructiuon of them could be obstruction of justice, at least, federally and I do not know if MS has statutes re evidence destruction or, if it does, the consequences of violating them is.
I also suggest that if your BF is in fact cheating, might want new BF. Don't really know what he may be bringing to the bed.

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NO MATTER HOW you got the pics. It is illegal under Federal law and probably under your state's law (it is illegal here in State law in Minnesota) to send a naked picture of a person under 18. It is classified as Child Pornography and is a serious felony, You can go to Prison for this, regardless of the fact that the subject took the pics. herself. SO, DON"T send them to your BF. You can just how them to him on your phone, perhaps, to let him know. Alternatively, since he knows what he did you really don't need to send or show the pics to "prove" what he already knows is true. Far easier what be to just get a new BF.

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