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Can I seek punitive damages for a craigslist posting?

Saint Augustine, FL |

I had someone post and ad on craigslist with my full name and the area of which I live, stating that I am a con artist that looks to rip people off that are in need of having their boat worked on. The person that posted the ad is a former friend that I did work for and is upset at me because he ran bad gas in his motor after I did the work. I'm looking to seek punitive damages, because I can't prove that I lost any work over this. How much would be reasonable to seek?

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You very well may have a claim for defamation. You should immediately contact Craigslist and ask them to remove the posting. You should also send a letter to the person who posted it putting them on notice that you may be filing a defamation claim against them. Under Florida law, you may be able to prove defamation pe se, meaning you do not have to prove damages in order to win your case. All damages are determined by the jury after they have heard all of your specific evidence and the other person's defenses. You should consult with an attorney to go forward.

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