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Can I seal or expunge a DUI charge that happened 5 years ago?

Miami, FL |

I plead nolo contedere but was charged guilty. Is there any possibility to ever erase this from my record? If not how long will it be on my record?

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Unfortunatley, in Florida DUI's are not eligible for sealing or expungment.


The only shot you have is if you are successful in having the case reopened by filing a petition for post conviction relief. These motions are not routinely granted abd are supposed to be filed within 2 years after the judgment becomes final. However, there are a limited number of circumstances where you can get around the 2 year time restriction. Unfortunately, if you are unsuccessful, the conviction remains on your record for 75 years. If you need more info, just call.


All DUI's in Florida are adjudicated guilty and therefore are not eligible for sealing or expungement. This charge will never be erased from your record and will appear there forever.


DUI convictions are ineligible to seal and expunge in Florida. Moreover, in Florida a DUI can only be treated as a Conviction (i.e., adjudicated guilty) or no guilty. There is no Withhold of Adjudication on a DUI in Florida. Also, as one of the attorneys pointed out a motion to vacate or for post-conviction relief may re-open the case but the grounds are narrow, time sensitive and not typically granted.

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Florida does not allow for expungement of DUI convictions. You can check the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) website for a list of crimes eligible for expungement.

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I agree with all my colleagues. The simple answer is, unfortunately, no. Post Conviction relief after two years will generally only be allowed for newly discovered evidence. In my years of practice as an Asst. State Attorney and Defense Attorney I have never seen one granted in DUI after the two year mark.