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Can i revoke my signature on a stipulation to a temporary conservatorship

Sacramento, CA |

I am the dpoa of my parents and i am being sued by my step brother. The judge has appointed my parents with court appointed lawyers. My lawyer and I and my fathers lawyer had a meeting today about the stipulation, I signed it, not fully talking to my parents before the meeting I found out after that they didnt want exactly what was in the stipulation, I called my lawyer right after I returned home from his office approx 30 min after I signed the document, and told him that I have changed my mind and I would like to revoke my signature. can i do that? or am not able to revoke it without a hearing? how can i revoke it

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Attorney answers 2


I would first seek to have the other party agree to set aside your stipulation. However, if that stipulation resulted in any type of order by the Court, you might have to file a motion to vacate the prior Stipiulation and Order, and set the matter in question for hearing.


Has the stipulation been entered into an Order with the Court? If so, then you will need to file a motion to vacate the stipulation and order. If not, then I recommend that you contact the opposing counsel (though your counsel) and request that the stipulation be set aside. Good luck to you.