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Can i return to the us after being deported even though i have my permanent residant card?

Las Vegas, NV |

i was deported years ago being a permanent residant on drug related issues my entire family is in the us can i return soon?

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If you were deported for an aggravated felony, you could be barred for life from re-entering the U.S. If it was for another crime, it could be 5 or 10 year bar from re-entry. If you enter the U.S. without being legal, you could be charged with the federal crime of illegal re-entry and receive a lengthy prison sentence.

Simply because you have the green card is not enough. Your permanent residency ended when you were deported.

If you would like to reopen your deportation proceedings, you can file a motion. You must hire an immigration lawyer to help you do this.

For more detailed information, you may contact an experienced immigration lawyer at Bogle & Chang law firm to confidentially discuss the case and how we can help. We handle immigration cases in all 50 states. Our law firm information is provided below.

Good luck to you.

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The key to your case will be what the "drug related issues" actually are. You appear to no longer be a permanent resident due to the deportation. To return you would need to get the proper visa and all the appropriate waivers. A prior deportation does not bar all returns and even if a return is barred, it may be waiveable.

Assuming that your have a controlled substance conviction, it will be difficult to return. There is only one waiver of a controlled substance violation and it is limited to a small amount of marijuana. Depending on the date of your conviction or plea, you may qualify for another form of relief. Also, you may want to consider reopening your criminal case if the plea or conviction was constitutionally inadequeate.

The immigration consequences of controlled substances are very strict and severe. Should you decide to proceed, you should hire experienced immigration representation.

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