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Can I return my car to a buy here pay here lot ?

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I bought my car in nov 08- (third car from the lot that finally worked). I have a 5 year installment agreement w/them and they told me they would report to the credit agencies. I pulled my credit and its not there. I have been offered a deal to purchase a newer car from a dealership, with a bank loan, thats more reliable and safe for my family. I have never been late, can I return my car to them w/o being sued?

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If you return the car, the can try and collect the deficiency from you. One way of doing this is to sue you.

An option would be returning the car through a bankruptcy. If you surrender the car through a bankruptcy, the car creditor cannot come after you for the deficiency once you get a discharge. I would be more than happy to discuss this option further. Please give us a call. We offer free consultations.

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