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Can I request a continuance for a dui dmv first hearing?

Golden, CO |

I just need a little more time to get the money together to hire a attorney. I'm also from out of state, Minnesota and the dui happened in Colorado. I already requested a continuance for the regular criminal court case. Back in Minnesota we only have one hearing. What would your recommendations be? thank you

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You cannot extend or continue your DMV hearing past 60 days from the date you requested the hearing. The DMV is a one-time, one shot opportunity to fight against the revocation of your driving privileges.

You need to find a way to hire representation or be prepared to represent yourself at the DMV hearing.

The Orr Law Firm, L.L.C - 303-818-2448 - Is Colorado's Premier DUI and Criminal Traffic Defense Law Firm. Rhidian Orr is the senior partner and owner of the firm and focuses his practice exclusively to DUI and criminal traffic matters in the state of Colorado. His decision to answer your questions does not constitute an attorney/client relationship. The Orr Law Firm offers FREE Consultations and we encourage that you contact his firm to discuss your case in more detail.

Kent Joseph Leier

Kent Joseph Leier


Mr. Orr is correct. I'd recommend calling him to set up a consultation. He is an expert in this area.

Mark Patchin Miller

Mark Patchin Miller


You are in a much better position if you have your hearing within the 60 day time frame. Otherwise your license will be revoked pending the hearing which could cause bigger problems in your home state. Just remember if you have an attorney you do not personally need to attend the hearing. You can also request a telephone hearing so that you wouldn't have to personally appear if you can't afford an attorney. But there is no guarantee that it will be approved. Just remember the sooner you make the request the sooner you will know DMV's response and what your options are.



Mr. Orr, who answered your question earlier, is an excellent option at attorney. I met him while a Deputy District Attorney in Weld County. He was one of the most knowledgeable DUI defense attorneys in the area.



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