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Can I represent myself and ask for a diversion program if it is a first offense petty larceny charge?

Lynchburg, VA |

I was caught trying to steal $102 worth of stuff from Target. I have no prior criminal history and this is my first offense. I was not arrested or taken in, just given a summons to appear in court. The cops told me they would put in a good word for me with the judge since I was so cooperative with everything. Can I ask the judge myself at arraignment for a diversion judgment? I have court in a few weeks, and I am supposed to leave in April for a job in another state and would like not to worry about having to come back for another court date if possible?

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Unfortunately, each county in Virginia has its own diversion program. To get responsible advice, contact a lawyer in Lynchburg that does criminal defense. Even diversion programs may leave things on your criminal record that can have a lasting effect on you later in life.

Please be warned -- Don't just take the advice of the police officer.

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