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Can I register an LLC in Delaware without my name appearing on public records?

Wilmington, DE |

If I use a Trust as the managing member of the LLC, will my name show up any where aside from being in the private trust document?

I am not sure if DE has a requirement where the managing member must sign the annual report, if so, is this searchable on the DE Sec of State website or anywhere else?

If it is required, must I use an exact natural name when signing the annual report, or can I just sign it as "Silver Trust" or "Trustee of Silver Trust" rather than "John Davis, Trustee of Silver Trust"?

I am fully aware that having such a vague managing member and signing officer can be a cause of concern and/or confusion for banks and third parties, I fully understand and appreciate that, but the question is can it be done and is it allowed by DE?

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You must sign your name, Trustee of Silver Trust; you cannot sign your name as "Silver Trust" unless you change your legal name to such, which is highly not recommended and hopefully somewhat humorous. Also if the Trust is a Grantor Trust and the LLC is a single member pass-through entity for tax purposes, your name will appear on the tax returns.