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Can I refuse the breathalyzer interlocking ignition system and have my license revoked asking for no limited driving rights?

Burnsville, NC |

I received a DWI in North Carolina. I blew a .17. Would there be any benefit to not asking for limited driving privileges and just having my licenses revoked for a year. I would have myself removed from insurance coverage. I cannot afford the breathalyzer interlock system.

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Well, there are a few prerequisites to getting the limited driving privilege. If you choose not to pursue the limited driving privilege, you won't have to jump through the hoops to get it done, and you may also save on auto insurance if you don't drive.


Unfortunately, even if you choose to not obtain a limited driving privilege, you will still be required to have an interlock device installed for 12 months at the point when you wish to drive again. There is no way to avoid the interlock requirement since you blew a .17.


I am asked this same question by many clients. You could wait 10 years if you wanted to and not drive but the day you go to DMV to try and get reinstated you will be required to satisfy the judgment of having interlock installed in your vehicle for a period of 12 months. There is no getting out of this money making scheme. Best of luck!

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