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Can I refile a previous lawsuit with Montlick & Associates or another lawyer after I have already recieved my settlement?

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In June of 2010 my daughter and I were hit by a drunk driver. It was a head on collision. I went through the windshield and every bone waist down was either broke or dislocated as well as head injuries. Shortly after recieving my settlement I began having seizures and serious knee and ankle complications due to the accident. I was in a wheelchair for 3 months and on crutches an additional 3 months. I only recieved $20,000. The originally settlement was set for $250,000. I was told in order to speed up the process I should agree to the $20,000. I was only 16 years old at the time. I went through and am still going through serious PTSD, pain, and am having seizures caused by my head injury. I feel I was inadequately compensated simply due to the extent of my injuries.

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Not likely, but have the matter reviewed by an attorney.


Probably not, but see a lawyer other than the one you used (immediately) to look things over.

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Highly unlikely, but check with a local personal injury attorney and bring a copy of the release you signed when you settled.

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This question is a little unclear. What do you mean the settlement was set for $250k? Was this what your lawyer was demanding or an offer on the table? Please clarify in your question, as I don't know why you would take 20k instead of 250K?



The 250K was an offer that was set on the table. I was suppose to go to Atlanta, GA to get skin grafting done on my leg, but because I didn't want to go my lawyer said it made a big difference in the case therefore the offer was lowered to $20,000. I took the 20K because I was in need of the money as quickly as possible. I was told I could accept that and get the money quicker or drag out the process and get the 250K, which would result in a delay in me recieving my settlement.


Settlements for minors can present problems. In both of my jurisdictions settlements of more than a minimal amount must be court approved. Find an attorney ASAP in your jurisdiction willing to investigate exactly what happened. Was the policy 250? With such substantial injuries and clear liability why did you end up with $20K? Where did the money go? Who approved the settlement? The answers to these questions might (or might not) make your case the very rare exception to the rule that a release is a full final termination to a case. [Click Blue Link Below]

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If the net settlement to you was over 10,000.00 then probate court approval is required in the state of Georgia. You may have recourse if the insurance company did not obtain probate court approval first. Did your parents agree to a structured settlement? Perhaps that is why the amount was so low. At any rate, the first place you should start is the probate court in the county where you resided at the time the settlement was reached. You should consult with a local attorney who might be able to help you with this.

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You should have this reviewed by a local personal injury lawyer.

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OMG. I feel very bad for you as one human being to another. On the injury claim, it sounds like you are out of luck since you settled the case and I assume you executed the release, which equals the claim is over notwithstanding a possibly stackable um claim, but you would have needed to execute limited release in order to preserve any um claim.....I am very familiar with the pain & treatment issues you are going through and if you want to talk, please let me know or contact another one of the very fine attorneys on this forum (all of whom are very caring and smart people who like helping people). Either way, good luck.

Sam Levine, Esq.
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If I understand correctly, you were 16 years old and had a baby and the both of you were involved in a car accident where the purported settlement was for $250,000, but you received only $20,000? It seems like there is a great deal of information which you have not told us about. Settlement of any minor's claim usually requires approval from a court and the placing of the minor's funds into safekeeping under the watchful eye of a guardian and the probate court.

I suggest that you meet with the attorney who originally represented you and your child and find out exactly what happened with your claim and your money.

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