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Can I reduce a felony DUI conviction to a misdemeanor in Alaska after I serve probation?

Anchorage, AK |

I have been on probation for a felony DUI in Alaska for 2.5 years with a minor PTRP with no new charges and only 6 months remaining on probation.

Can I petition the court to reduce my charge to a Misdemeanor?

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This would require an attorney from your state. In some states, such a petition is possible, but the prosecutor usually has to sign off on it or not object, or there needs to be a good reason for it. You should have asked about the possibility when your conviction was entered. I would find a good local defense attorney to walk you through it. Good luck.


It would be best to contact your previous attorney for assistance in this situation or contact one in your area if you don't have one. You can also use the "Find the Lawyer" function here on AVVO. Good luck.

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