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Can I recover for the damages to my car if I had no insurance but the other driver was at fault?

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I was rear-ended but my insurance had lapsed without me realizing. They informed me that I was not covered and my car was reposessed as I was still making payments on it. The other driver was at fault, and now I am stuck without a car. Can I recover from the at-fault driver? Also, is there anything I can bring to the insurance company for not notifying me of my insurance lapse?

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Check with an attorney for the specific rules governing insurance carriers' notice to their insureds regarding lapses in coverage. You can still bring an action against the other driver for your property damage and personal injury though.

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You can still recover for the damages to your car even though you were not at fault. The other person's insurance company should cover it. With regard to your insurance company not notifying you, I would recommend that you contact a lawyer who handles bad faith insurance in your area and is knowledgeable about the reporting requirements.


I agree with the other attorneys


You will be able to collect actual damages, meaning the cost of your medical bills, property damage, etc. However, since you did not have insurance, California Civil Code section 3333.4 will probably prevent you from being able to collect non-economic damages (i.e. pain and suffering). Here is a link to the rule:

You should contact an attorney as soon as possible.
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