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Can I receive unemplyment for quitting my job and being 5 months pregnant?

Beaufort, SC |

I just got a new job and found out that i was pregnant. I waited 2 months and told them I was expecting and everything went down hill from there. Before I told them I got praised on how well I was doing and they could tell when i worked. After I told them they started talking bad about me lying about me. I couldnt even defend or explain myself because they took one another side. I would asks questions and not get a straight answer and i would ask what i was not doing and get replied I have a problem telling you that. I was sexualy harrassed and nothing was done ab0out it. the girls i was over didnt respect me because of my age and being so young. I never gotten any write ups but they wanted to give me a 60 day action plan then terminate me.

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Your statement and question appear somewhat confused. Perhaps you were upset when you wrote it. It might be helpful to ask again. You talk about discrimination but your question focuses on unemployment compensation.
One critical piece of information you left out was whether you were in a probation period: whether you were a supervisor (that was implied), and whether this is an employment at will state.
You may want to check in with a labor lawyer about the discrimination on age and sex. It sounds like they put an improvement plan in place and you decided to leave before it was complete.
You may need to work for a certain time before you can collect unemployment payments. You should check with your local unemployment office there. they know the rules.

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