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Can I receive Social Security Disability Benefits, at age 59, with only 34 quarters?

Ravena, NY |

SS says I need 37 quarters in order to apply for SSD. I only have 34. I will be 59 in 2 months. My husband will be 64 in 4 months and has worked for over 40 years. Can I get benefits on his work record? SS says I will not even qualify for Medicare unless I get 6 more quarters. I can not work. Please help.

I have tried twice to be qualified for SSD, once in my early 30's and again in my late 40's. Each time I was told that I had ample medical reasons to qualify, but not enough quarters. Each time I have attempted to return to work (part time or temporary positions), I ended up becoming more ill and was told by my physicians to stop.

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In order to receive Disability Insurance Benefits, you must be fully insured and currently insured. Fully insured is 1 quarter for each year after you turn 22, up to a maximum of 40. At age 59, that makes 37 the correct number. To be currently insured, you must have 20 of the preceding 40 quarters covered, with exceptions for younger workers.

If you do not have enough quarters to be currently and fully insured, you only option is to receive spousal benefits at age 60 and Medicare at age 65.

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