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Can I receive HUD Housing if I owe rent?

New York, NY |

Hello--I owe a lot of rent thats causing me to go back and forth to court making payment agreements. I fell behind due to not working, then only having part time work, then having a job that just used any excuse to pay late or cut hours. I finally left that job and I'm making a lot of money at my new job but it feels like nothing since I was so behind in rent from before. I have to go back to court to stop my latest Marshals eviction and I feel like a bum. I was wondering is it possible for me to find HUD housing elsewhere with this hanging over my head? My Landlord must find me so annoying at this point and I rather pay him back without the fear of losing my apartment. I want to move and pay him from my new place. but can I get a new place owing him??

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Dear New York Tenant:

You will have difficulty renting anywhere with an eviction in your credit history, especially if the eviction is grounded on a rent default.

You want a home and you have a new job with money? Then do what you can to keep the roof you know over your head. When you are finished paying your landlord you have a better chance of locating a new apartment.

The answer provided to you is in the nature of general information. The general proposition being that you should try to avoid a bad outcome if you can.


You can try to rent another place but it will be difficult when you have an eviction on your history, especially one for non-payment of rent. You can apply for housing that is administered by HUD, but you will have to meet certain criteria and income qualifications. You said you are now making a lot of money, I do not exactly what that means, but you may make too much for low income housing. As Mr. Smollens suggested it may be best to pay off what you owe to your current landlord and then try to plan afterwards.