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Can I re-open my divorce case from 2007

Tarzana, CA |

We got divorced in 2007. My husband used our divorce papers and committed a fraud. Two years later after divorce, he made up a judgement against me and my bank released my savings without my consent.
He threw me into poverty with a new born baby. He owns a house, a car and has had a stable job for 20 years. I am still recovering and cant believe he can get away with it. Can I re-open my case? Can I sue him for all the harm he caused me and my child?

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You could sue him in civil court but it would be easier to just have the court grant you relief. You can ask for equitable relief and other sanctions. You should not have waited so long as it is less likely that you will get it than if you would have acted right away.

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Since 6 years have passed since your divorce occurred it may be too late. I suggest you consult with a local experienced divorce attorney and present all of the facts of the case so that you can get the answer to your question.


The statute of limitations for fraud is 3 years from the date of discovery of the fraud. You should consult with an attorney to determine your rights and the type of relief you can seek at this point. There's far too much information missing form your question to figure out what your next step may be (if any).



Yes, I found out about this on December 15, 2009.