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Can i quit my job and receive unemployment because my boss is verbally abusive.

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I started this job with the understanding that the company had some employee problems that needed a manager to instruct them in the right direction. Now that i have worked there for a little more than a month,i have had to fire two employees and reduce other employees hours because of lack of funds for payroll. I have kept my professional attitude and bearing to this point but can not do so when I am, on a regular basis getting explosive lectures and asked to do tasks that I am either improperly or not at all trained for,or i feel is not legal for me to do. Such as going to an employee's home in the process of being terminated,to collect his uniforms,office key and work phone. It is my conclusion that i am working in a hostile environment that is causing emotional deres. What should i do?

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You should send an e-mail to the boss documenting the explosive and verbally abusive conduct toward you. You should ask the boss to please refrain from such conduct. If the boss fires you for complaining then you should be able to receive your UIB. If the boss doesn't fire you, but continues to verbally abuse you, send an e-mail to his boss. If the conduct doesn't stop and you have to resign due to the stress then you will have documentation to show to the claims examiner to support your case for benefits.

However, on a resignation the burden of proof is on the employee to show that based on a reasonable person standard that the abuse was such that a reasonable person would not be expected to continue in the employment.

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